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Our Founder continues to be impacted by Long Haul Covid Symptoms, through her experience found a need for a whole human approach to understanding, predicting and supporting those that have Chronic Illness.

2023 – Foundation Set Up
2024 – Official Launch
Chronic Illness like Long Covid doesn’t impact individuals the same way all the time. It is very specific to the individual and their journey to rehabilitate to their new normal is equally as varied. This means we need a whole person individualized set of supports for that specific person and their caregivers. Not only are there physical changes, there are mental health needs and accommodations that vary for the life of the person. We will strive to develop ways to share resources that focus on where the person is in their journey and what they need for their whole self.

Research donated funds to be directed by the Research Committee. This committees objective is to direct funding, coordinating and developing analytics that help stay current with predictors, impacts and supports needed to understand and manage chronic illness.

Technology developed and made available to better predict and/or manage those suffering from chronic illnesses.

We will look for cross functional factors of those who are living with Chronic Illnesses ideally to identify any commonalities cross research and technologies that can better tailor the experiences that the person is going to go through so that there is whole person whole life view of what the persons journey could look like. This will help support individuals and practitioners to have the tools they need to be proactive in the rehabilitation to their specific new normal and long term goal needs.

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We are a new foundation developing new ways to solve old problems with people suffering through chronic illnesses.

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Chronic illness shouldn’t be a drawn out process of elimination that impact the lives of those that have it and their loved ones.