About Us

We are Grace Foundation, a Saint John, NB charitable organization that supports the Church of St. John & St. Stephen Home. The donations we raise make additional programs, activities and assistance available at this 80-bed nursing home, enhancing the lives of everyone who lives there.

Though you may know us as Grace Foundation, we were founded in 1979 as The Church Home Charitable Foundation. We had the same focus, but a slightly different approach. Through managing bequests and investments, we provided financial support for extra staff, programs and facilities beyond the basic services covered by the province.

Yet over the years, operating costs and requirements have increased, putting added pressure on the Church Home and its operation. We realized that we needed to change focus – from managing funds to generating them. We expanded our board to bring in community leaders with the desire, skills and contacts to help us raise funds. We also took on a new identity – Grace Foundation – and began reaching out to people throughout the greater Saint John area for their support.

Our commitment is reflected in our slogan: Life is an event. It’s a promise to the people who live in the Church Home that we will see to their every need. And it reflects our approach to fundraising – offering quality, entertaining, educational and enlightening events to the communities we serve.

Meet our Board of Directors

Ian Webster, Chairperson
Neil Hossack
Clayton Mitchell
Nancy Thorne
Rev. Dr. John Crawford